1. What is GMAT?
GMAT is a pre-requisite for admission into the management program in USA. A large number of top Indian business schools like ISB, SP Jain etc. consider GMAT scores for admission. For other countries also GMAT scores strengthen the application.
Graduate Management Aptitude Test aims at measure the quantitative ability, verbal ability and analytical ability of the candidate. It is a computer adaptive test. In a computer-adaptive test, only one question at a time is presented. The computer scores each question before selecting the next question for you based on the scores achieved in previous questions.
Random guessing can significantly lower your scores. So, if you do not know the answer to a question, you should try to eliminate as many answer choices as possible and then select the answer you think is best.
2. Can I get admission in a US school without GMAT?
Yes, there are some universities in US, that grant admission without GMAT, but it is advisable to go for the VISA interview only after you have your scores. For further details contact CAREER MAKERS.
3. Is work experience mandatory to get admission into a management program?
Work experience is mandatory for a large number of universities. Many universities grant admission without work experience. For further details contact CAREER MAKERS.
4. When Can I appear for the test?
The test is held all the year round in different cities of India and other countries. You can register at any center of your choice. For choice of center visit
5. What are the format and the duration of the test?
The exam duration is about 4 hours.
The test consist of three sections
1. Analysis of an argument 30 minutes
2. Integrated Reasoming - 12 question 30 minutes
3. Maths section- 37 questions in 75 minutes
4. Verbal section- 41questions in 75 minutes
6. How can I register for the test? What is the exam fee?
One can register online or via mail or telephone. The generally advised method to register is doing it online. The fee for the GMAT is $250.
Visit for registration.
7. How many times can I appear for the test?
One can appear only once in a calendar month and a maximum of five times a year.
8. If I appear more than once which scores will the university accept?
Your all-available scores will be transmitted to the university. Universities usually accept best scores.
9. When will I receive my scores?
The scores are sent to the student approximately 3-4 weeks after the exam.
10. How many universities can I select to transmit the scores after the exam and how to send the additional score reports (ASRs) to other universities?
You can mark up to five universities after your exam, where your official scores will be transmitted free of cost. To send ASRs to other universities one can request online or via phone or mail or fax a request.
11. How long are the scores valid?
The GMAT scores are valid for 5 years.
12. What is the maximum score and what is considered a good score?
The total maximum marks of GMAT test are 800. Analytical writing is assessed on a scale of 6 points. Above 600 is considered a good score. GMAT is one important criterion for granting admission by universities besides the student academic profile, essays, writeups/SOPs, recommendation letters, work experience and your overall personality as reflected by your resume. You may be granted admission even with scores of 450 plus in case you are good in other criteria.

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