1. What is TOEFL?
The TOEFL® test (Test of English as a Foreign Language™) measures the ability of nonnative speakers of English to use and understand English as it is spoken, written, and heard in college and university settings.

2. Who takes it and why?
Nonnative English speakers at the 11th-grade level or above should take the TOEFL test to provide evidence of their English proficiency before beginning academic work. The test content is considered too difficult for students below 11th grade. Most people take the TOEFL test as a prerequisite for admission into colleges and universities where English is used or required. In addition, many government, licensing, and certification agencies and exchange and scholarship programs use TOEFL scores to evaluate the English proficiency of people for whom English is not their native language

3. Can I get admission in a US school without TOEFL?
TOEFL is required by the international applicants to show the English proficiency. However, some Universities may admit without TOEFL. For INDIAN students it is not advisable to go for VISA interview without TOEFL or IELTS score. For details contact CAREER MAKERS.

4. What is IBT and what are its advantages?
The TOEFL® iBT (Internet-based Test) tests all four-language skills that are important for effective communication: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The test helps students demonstrate that they have the English skills needed for success. The TOEFL iBT emphasizes integrated skills and provides better information to institutions about students' ability to communicate in an academic setting and their readiness for academic coursework. With Internet-based testing, ETS can capture speech and score responses in a standardized manner.

5. When Can I appear for the test?
The TOEFl iBT is offered a limited number of times per year. One can reserve the exam not more than 60 days prior to the test date. For registration please visit

6. What are the format and the duration of the test?
The test is around 4 hours and 30 minutes.
Test Section questions Time
Reading 3-5 passages with 12-14 questions each 60-100 minutes
Listening 2-3 conversations with
5 questions each
4-6 lectures with 6 questions each.
60-90 minutes
Break   5-10 minutes
Speaking 2 independent tasks
4 integrated task
20 minutes
Writing 1 integrated task
1 independent task
20 minutes
30 minutes

7. How can I register for the test? What is the exam fee?
One can register online or via mail or telephone. The generally advised method to register is doing it online. The fee for the TOEFL general test is $165. Visit for registration.

8. How many times can I appear for the test?
One can appear only once in a calendar month and a maximum of five times a year.

9. If I appear more than once which scores will the university accept?
ETS will transmit all the available scores but generally universities accept your best score.

10. When will I receive my scores?
The scores are sent to the student approximately 3-4 weeks after the exam.

11. How many universities can I select to transmit the scores after the exam and how to send the additional score reports (ASRs) to other universities?
You can mark up to four universities after your exam, where your official scores will be transmitted free of cost. To send ASRs to other universities one can request ETS online or via phone or mail or fax a request. The charges are $17 per score recipient. Students are advised to have the list of right four universities with them prior to the test always to avoid wasting money later for transmitting scores to the universities.

12. How long are the scores valid?
The scores are valid for 2 years.

13. What is the maximum score and what is considered a good score?
The total maximum marks of TOEFL iBt tests are 120. Scores above 90 is considered good.

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