With the ever-expanding foreign opportunities and from so many courses to choose from, there arises a state of confusion.
The following are few of the major questions that may come into the mind of the parents and students:

• Which country and which university to opt for?
• Which is the best course according to my profile?
• What will be the total cost of the stay?
• What are the full time/ part time job opportunities available?
• Can I get the financial Aid?
At CAREER MAKERS we offer full satisfaction and give answers to all the questions/queries. We are best to offer the services of foreign education. The major highlights at CAREER MAKERS are:
Country Selection:
We offer personalized counselling according to students’ academic and financial status to help the student select the best country which one can opt for.
University Selection:
After the country is finalized, the universities are to be short-listed. It requires a lot of effort and expertise and we do best possible to get the student into the best university depending on students’ own academic profile, test scores and choice.
Course Selection:
With the ever-growing demand of professionals there is always a conflict between the technical side and management side. We offer best counselling to help students understand their capabilities and counsel them to select what is best for them.
Coaching Courses:
We offer best coaching in town for the various international exams viz. GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS and ENGLISH FLUENCY. This is the stepping-stone for the students to get into a good university.
Admission Formalities:
Getting good test scores does not guarantee admission, application and the highlighting of your major points is very important. We, at CAREER MAKERS, make sure how to highlight your advantages and to convert even your weaknesses into the strengths. We cater to your SOPs, essays, recommendations and resumes in a professional manner so as to highlight your advantages.
We have one of the highest success rates in Visas. Elaborate Visa counselling with a detailed documents check/ preparation is offered to achieve success. Mock interviews as per actual interviews are part of the visa counselling.
We make full effort to get you awarded financial help from the department itself. In case it does not happen we give you elaborate statistics and details as how to manage the expenses. We also help students in getting bank loans. We have tie ups with different banks, so we help in getting maximum amount of loan based on one’s eligibility.
Travel Arrangements:
We help students to get the tickets at most reasonable rates with our associate travel agents. Also we help them to get the foreign exchange. A list of all housing options from the universities is available so that students can plan even before landing there.
Pre- Departure Briefing:
This pre departure briefing is very important. It helps the students to know some details about the country they are moving in. It also helps them to prepare for “culture shock” and also the ways to overcome that.

At CAREER MAKERS we offer value for money services, and all the services are deigned to give maximum benefits to the students. If you have any doubts or require any clarification, feel free to contact us.

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